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Add some charm to  your outdoor garden faucet with a beautiful, new Festive Faucet!


Easy to install!  Festive Faucets don't require a plumber or any knowledge of plumbing to install. Simply remove your old faucet handle and attach your new Festive Faucet handle, within minutes, with the handy tool included! 


No plumbing or plumbers required... Festive Faucets are an affordable way to quickly and easily dress up your outdoor garden faucets. Enjoy!

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Made of solid brass, Festive Faucet's patent pending EASY FIT adapter allows you to 

easily place your new Festive Faucet handle on your existing faucet stem, 

and the stainless steel cupped set screws and nylon patch 

keep your new handle tightly in place.

Festive Faucet Handle - How to

1. No plumbing needed - Simply remove old handle.

2. Place new Festive Faucet Handle on old stem.

3. Tighten Set Screws on Easy Adapter, and Enjoy!


How do I install it?

Just unscrew your current handle and place the Festive Faucet handle on your old stem. No plumbing / plumber necessary. 

Simply a screw driver, our included wrench, and a few minutes of time and you've got a new handle! The three set screws on the 

Easy Fit Adapter keep the handle secure on your old faucet.

What are they made of?

All Festive Faucet Handles are made of high quality brass. 


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Will it fit my old hose bib (silcock, bibcock, and/or spigot)?

Yes! Our patent pending Easy Fit Adapter is made to fit 

on all standard faucet stems in the US. 

How can I become a distributor?

For more information about becoming a distributor 

of Festive Faucets, please send us a message 

via the "Contact Us" page or call us at 714-996-6995.

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